Russet Norkotah TX-296 Potato Fact Sheet

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Russet Norkotah

ND534-4 Russ
Russet Norkotah - TX296

Parentage – ND9526-4 Russ x ND9687-5 Russ

Breeder – North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, Fargo, ND and the USDA Ag Research Service; Strain selection for TX 296 was made by Texas A&M University in 1989

Maturity – Early to mid-season

Usage – Fresh market; good for baking; poor to moderate for boiling with some after cooking discoloration; poor for chipping

Plant –  Medium to slightly upright; stems small to medium thick, smooth; TX-296 selection should have bigger vines, lower fertilizer needs and better weed competition; vines are more difficult to vine kill than standard Russet Norkotah ( ( (

Leaves – Medium, open, slightly pubescent; asymmetrical ( (

Flowers – Medium, white corolla; anthers are yellow-orange; buds slightly pigmented (

Tubers –  Long to slightly oblong, smooth; heavy, dark tan, netted russet skin; shallow bright golden eyes; produced in large quantity; white flesh; low to medium specific gravity; TX-296 selection has medium dormancy; higher percentage of large tubers vs Russet Norkotah ( ( (

Strengths – Attractive appearance; uniform tuber size and shape; wide adaptability; resistant to hollow heart and Columbia root-knot nematode; good resistance to common scab ( (

Weaknesses – Susceptible to most viruses, late blight, early blight, Verticillium wilt and potato wart; TX-296 is more resistant to Verticillium wilt and early dying than Russet Norkotah ( ( (

Russet Norkotah - TX296

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