Silverton Russet Potato Fact Sheet

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Silverton Russet

Parentage – Calwhite (a long white cultivar) x A7875-51,2

Breeder – Released for production by the Colorado Experiment Station, Idaho Experiment Station and USDA-ARS in 19992

Maturity – Mid to late season1,2

Usage – Fresh market; processing1,2

Plant – Medium to large upright growth habit; stems are thin and have weak anthocyanin coloration at the base1

Leaves – Medium green, dull color; terminal leaflet is narrowly ovate and tapers to a slender point; high frequency of the terminal and lateral leaflets growing together; veins are shallow in depth; weak secondary leaflets presence1

Flowers – Large in size, white with yellow anthers; flower shape resembles a star; medium profusion1

Tubers – Medium, uniform size; oblong shaped; golden brown russetted skin with a fine net-like appearance; white flesh; evenly distributed eyes that are medium in depth and have a white base; low to medium specific gravity1,2

Strengths – Medium to high yields; stores well with few internal defects; resistant to common scab, extremely uniform tubers2

Weaknesses – Very susceptible to potato virus Y; susceptible to potato virus X, potato leafroll virus, bacterial ring rot, Fusarium dry rot, Verticillium wilt, bacterial soft rot, early blight, late blight, tuber decay, black leg and black scurf2

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