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Parentage – B96-56 (parent to Kennebec) x M59.44

Breeder – Released by the University of Wisconsin breeding program in 19621,2

Maturity – Early to mid-season

Usage – Excellent as a fresh chipper; good for boiling, baking and French frying3

Plant – Medium size with an erect to spreading structure; airy plant that you can see through; stems tend to be reddish-purple towards the plant base and internodes with nodes being green, stem wings are prominent in Superior2,3

Leaves – Dull green; open and small resembling poplar tree leaves; terminal leaflets are short-ovate to round along with being thick and arched; primary leaflets are arched symmetrical at the base while secondary leaflets are thick, arched and occur on the midrib between pairs of primary leaflets2,3

Flowers – Pale lilac color with white tips and margins; described as ‘star shaped’2,3

Tubers – Oval to oblong with a smooth shape; uniform in size; lightly buff colored skin with a light, flaked appearance; medium deep eyes that are evenly distributed; white flesh; high specific gravity1,2,3

Strengths – Short dormancy period; tubers store well; washes excellently; moderately high yield potential; resistant to skinning during harvest and grading; not susceptible to internal defects; moderately resistant to common scab1,2,3   

Weaknesses – Susceptible to black leg, Fusarium dry rot, late blight, potato leafroll virus, seed-piece decay, potato virus X and Y; highly susceptible to Verticillium wilt1,2,3

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