Potato Tissue Culture Lab – Ordering Certified Plantlets

The WSPCP Tissue Culture Laboratory provides disease-free tissue culture plantlets of cultivars already available in its collection. A list of cultivars currently available is here.

Plantlets are typically propagated and mailed in test tubes or Magenta cubes.  Cultivars can be propagated and mailed in a tube containing 1 to 2 plantlets or a cube containing 10 to 12 plantlets. Small orders can typically be filled within 4-8 weeks. Please inquire for a time line for orders of more than two cubes per cultivar.  Recipient(s) will be contacted a few days prior to shipping with an expected delivery date.  Pricing is as follows:

A processing fee of $50 will be added to each order.  A single order may include more than one cultivar request.  Shipping costs are added as an additional fee and shipping costs will vary based on shipping location.  

Magenta Cubes (10-12 plantlets):

  • $50 per cube for orders of 1-10 cubes
  • $40 per cube for orders of 11-100 cubes

Each cubes can only contain plants of a single cultivar
Orders can contain multiple cultivars to obtain the 10+ cube price discount.

Tubes (1-2 plantlets):

  • $25 for an order of 2-3 tubes (per cultivar)

Please fill out and submit the online submission form if interested in this service.  A member of the lab will contact you after receiving the submission form.