Potato Tissue Culture Lab – Services

Potato Virus, Fungal and Bacterial Eradication

The Wisconsin Seed Potato Certification (WSPC) Tissue Culture Laboratory will provide common pathogen eradication services in the form of disease-free plantlets for material submitted by a client.  This service includes initiating plantlets into tissue culture (from tubers), curing them of all common potato pathogens, and testing the plantlets to confirm that they are pathogen-free. Material can also be submitted as tissue culture plantlets but no reduction in price will be given.  It takes approximately one to one-half years to obtain disease-free plantlets; depending on the pathogen status of the material provided and the cultivar’s growth patterns throughout the eradication process.  Pricing is as follows:

  • $1500/cultivar (includes 2-3 clones of each cultivar)
  • For orders of 15 or more cultivars (includes 2-3 clones of each cultivar) please contact the lab to discuss pricing options.

Note that a $250 charge will be included for each additional clone requested.

Please fill out and submit the online submission form if interested in this service.  A member of the lab will contact you after receiving the submission form.

Plantlet Maintenance

The WSPC Tissue Culture Laboratory will maintain potato tissue culture plantlets in long term storage as plantlets and microtubers.

  • $200/clone per year

Please contact the laboratory (608) 263-8765 if interested in this service.

Virus testing

Potato Elisa Virus Testing for PVY, PVS, PVA, PVV, and PLRV

  • Base cost of $75 with an additional costs of $3.00/well.

Please contact the laboratory (608) 263-8765 if interested in this service.

Recipient(s) will be responsible for all shipping and handling costs in addition to pricing listed above for all provided services.

Contact the laboratory (608) 263-8765 for additional information on prices and services provided above.