How to Create a Website for your Business

The purpose of this article is to introduce the basic steps of creating a website.

Planning your website

This is a fundamental step where you ask yourself about the goals for the website. Do you want to sell products online, advertise services or products available on-site, or provide information? Go here, for a great article with many general and more specific design issues to consider.

Building your website

This is the step where you find a template and add your content. A template frames your content into pages with a menu, and a banner. Suggested do-it-yourself online services: The templates from WordPress were originally designed for bloggers. Some of the templates require substantial modification to remove the blog features and create a website that has a business-oriented design. Alternatively, StudioPress has developed several sophisticated templates that can be used with WordPress. This service provides lots of business-themed templates but your content will be difficult to move to another service if you decide to switch.

Getting your site on the web

Broadcasting your website on the web is called hosting. One recommended hosting website is

Need help? Consider hiring a private consultant to help build, critique, or optimize your website.

–Liz Bosak