That’s a lot of cranberries!!

The Ocean Spray growers cooperative has as members approximately 60% of Wisconsin’s cranberry growers.  The cooperative has three receiving stations in the state and the one in Tomah is the largest in the world.  This week, the Steffan Lab got to take a tour of it.  With harvest in full swing and the cold weather moving in, this week is one of the station’s busiest of the year.  Here they handle over 46 billion cranberries in a year, and on the busiest days process around 75,000 barrels per day.  That’s a lot of cranberries!!


Here we are out front, anxiously awaiting our tour to start.


Berries are brought via semi truck. Here is one unloading its berries into pools.
A sample of each load is taken here and scored, which determines the price
the grower receives.


Unloaded, which only takes about a minute.


The cranberries are rinsed and moved into the station. There are three of these
massive pools that receive the berries, and when we were there they were
all packed.


You can see where one grower's load ended and another began.


Janet and Sacha, enjoying the tour despite the cold.


Berries entering the station, where they are sorted and sent off for processing.

New publication

In an exciting and ongoing research pursuit, Shawn and his collaborators are working on a method to precisely determine the trophic position of any organism in a given ecosystem.  The latest paper, titled “Trophic Hierarchies Illuminated via Amino Acid Isotopic Analysis” can be found in the September issue of PLOS ONE, here: