Visiting friends and scholars!

The Steffan lab had the great honor of hosting several distinguished friends and scholars last week (12/1-12/6) from across the globe, across Lake Michigan, and across the country.

Dr. Yoshito Chikaraishi, Senior Scientist from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology visited Madison for our third annual isotope “summit”! He is a collaborator and pioneer in compound specific isotope analysis methods that we use to deepen our understanding of food web ecology.


Dr. Yoshito Chikaraishi

We took him to Olbrich Botanical Gardens for a much needed escape from the cold.


Dr. Chikaraishi, Dr. Gaines-Day and Dr. Chasen basking in the warmth of the sun as it poured into Olbrich Botanical Gardens greenhouse.

We also had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Peggy Ostrom, Professor from Michigan State University’s Department of Zoology. We are looking forward to future collaborations with her.


Dr. Chikaraishi, Dr. Ghosh and Dr. Ostrom

We were also delighted to host Dr. Prarthana Ghosh, who will be starting as a post-doc in our lab later this winter. She recently completed her Ph.D. from University of Alabama using an integrated approach including compound specific isotope analysis and PLFA to address mercury bioaccumulation in aquatic food webs.

So great to have you all in Madison!