SCHEDULE CHANGE-The Zalapa and Steffan Labs Will Be at the Wisconsin Science Festival

The Zalapa and Steffan labs will be hosting “The Native American Cranberry Bog” event at the Wisconsin Science Festival on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 (schedule change) from 10 AM until 2 PM at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. To see photos from last year’s cranberry display at the Wisconsin Science Festival, go here. For general information about the Wisconsin Science Festival, go here. To find a description of the events by location, go here.

–Liz Bosak

Wisconsin Cranberries in the News

CBS News reports that the United States Department of Agriculture is projecting a 2% increase in this year’s cranberry harvest.

WOAW North Central Wisconsin, an ABC affiliate, covered the recent Summer Field Day hosted by the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association. To see the video clip, go here.

For the latest Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association news release, go here.

–Liz Bosak

How to Create a Website for your Business

The purpose of this article is to introduce the basic steps of creating a website.

Planning your website

This is a fundamental step where you ask yourself about the goals for the website. Do you want to sell products online, advertise services or products available on-site, or provide information? Go here, for a great article with many general and more specific design issues to consider.

Building your website

This is the step where you find a template and add your content. A template frames your content into pages with a menu, and a banner. Suggested do-it-yourself online services: The templates from WordPress were originally designed for bloggers. Some of the templates require substantial modification to remove the blog features and create a website that has a business-oriented design. Alternatively, StudioPress has developed several sophisticated templates that can be used with WordPress. This service provides lots of business-themed templates but your content will be difficult to move to another service if you decide to switch.

Getting your site on the web

Broadcasting your website on the web is called hosting. One recommended hosting website is

Need help? Consider hiring a private consultant to help build, critique, or optimize your website.

–Liz Bosak

Drought in Southern Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin’s Cooperative Extension office has created a website page full of resources about the drought in Southern Wisconsin this year. Find out about the drought’s impacts on livestock, Wisconsin lakes, groundwater and more, at this website.

The Department of Natural Resources has added a web page filled with drought resources and information. For more from the State of Wisconsin, go here.

–Liz Bosak

University of Massachusetts Cranberry Station Newsletter

The Cranberry Station, at UMASS, is publishing a great newsletter online with lots of information. The June newsletter features a large table with pesticide information in a convenient table format and an evaluation of tank mixing compatibility for several pesticides.

To read their newsletter, go here. To download the June newsletter, go here.

–Liz Bosak

Workshop on Renewable Energy for the Farm, July 16th

The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute is offering a workshop on the basics of site assessment and installation of solar and wind energy systems. For more information, click here.

For more information about renewable energy technologies, go to the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s website. Also, the association will be hosting the 23rd annual Energy Fair in Custer, WI. For more information about tickets, workshops, and how to volunteer, go here.

–Liz Bosak

The Steffan and Zalapa labs are hosting a science exploration station at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

This Saturday, the Steffan and Zalapa labs will be hosting an exploration station, “The Science of Wisconsin’s Cranberry Marshes” at Saturday Science: Science Expeditions at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery on the UW-Madison campus. The event will be held on Saturday, April 14 from 10 AM until 2 PM. For more information, click here.