Maria Chavez

Maria Cmariahavez

545 Russel Labs





Research Interests

I am interested in Odonate community dynamics within agricultural systems. We are investigating their trophic position and subsequent implications regarding their impact on pest populations in cranberry bogs.


M.S. Entomology and Agroecology, UW Madison; expected 2017

B.S. Horticulture, New Mexico State University 2015
B.S. Conservation Ecology, New Mexico State University 2015


Chavez, M.Y. McCauley, S.J. Mabry, K.E. Hammond, J.I. In Press. Differential responses of two ecologically  similar aquatic insect species (Odonata) to variation in temperature and resources. International Journal of Odontology.

Honors and Awards

NSF GRFP recipient

UW Madison SciMed fellowship recipient

Personal Interests: painting, hiking, reading, baking