Got fungus? Check out UW’s Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic

The Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic at University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a variety of services. For their brochure, go here.

Also, the University of Wisconsin Extension service publishes a weekly podcast and transcript with news of plant disease and insect issues across the state. To download these updates, go here.

–Liz Bosak

Weekly update from the UW Extension Horticulture Team on Insects, Plant Diseases, and Wildlife

Do you want to know what is going on in the fields, woods, and backyards of Wisconsin? The University of Wisconsin Extension Horticulture program publishes weekly updates through the growing season on special topics with regular appearances by Phil Pellitteri of the Insect Diagnostic lab and Brian Hudelson of the Plant Disease Diagnostic lab.

For the weekly update main page, go here.

For the May 5th podcast, go here.

For the May 5th written summary, go here.

–Liz Bosak