FS4withLCOur lab uses handheld spectroradiometers to measure the optical properties of leaves.  These measurements can yield insight into the diversity of a population, the chemical composition of leaves, and the response of plants to predation.

Projects in Spectroscopy are:

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EcoSIS Spectral Library Spectroscopy allows indirect measurement of vegetation physical and chemical properties, assessment of plant functional types and biodiversity, and quantification of biosphere-atmosphere gas and energy exchange. While extensive spectral libraries exist, diverse collection procedures, storage formats, and limited … Continue reading

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Dimensions of Biodiversity

Characterizing biodiversity and understanding its consequences on ecosystem functioning are important challenges in the context of environmental change. Biodiversity encapsulates the condition and variations in a suite of compositional, structural, and functional attributes. Current methodologies for estimating biodiversity are expensive … Continue reading

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Biochemical spectroscopy

All organisms interact via chemical signals. As such, chemical ecology plays a central role in explaining the interactions among organisms and their environment and how these interactions affect ecosystem functioning. Traditionally, standard chemical measurements are time consuming, expensive, and require … Continue reading

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Landscape pattern and soybean aphids

Landscape structure and natural pest-suppression services in bioenergy landscapes: implications for regional food and fuel production Rapid changes in Policies, economics, and societal demand are altering the composition and configuration of agricultural landscapes. Theoretical and empirical research suggests that changes … Continue reading

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