Ittai Herrmann



I was born and raised in Beer-Sheva, Israel. Lived some time in Jerusalem where I earned my Israeli tour guiding license. Spent some time at the shores of Tel-Aviv and moved back to Beer-Sheva for BA (Geography) in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev where I meet Dr. Arnon Karnieli, joined his Remote Sensing Laboratory in Sede-Boker Campus for MA (desert studies) focusing on vegetation assessment by the short wave infrared spectral region from space and stayed also for PhD exploring hyperspectral applications of precision agriculture for field crops in drylands. For my PhD Dr. David J. Bonfil of the Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center has joined as an additional advisor. Later I Joined a company researching spectral analyses of chicken eggs and eventually went back to the lab of Dr. Arnon Karnieli as a postdoc researcher. As a result of me joining Dr. Phil Townsend lab my wife and our two kids are now enjoying Madison, WI.

My current research mainly explores time series of data obtained by multi and hyper spectral sensors for site specific agriculture of field crops. Here, together with Dr. Shawn Conley from the Department of Agronomy the focus is on Soy beans. Examining several soy trails by hyperspectral airborne imagery as well as sudden death syndrome spectral assessment on ground level. My main research interest is in spectral assessment of vegetation and specific topics are: nutrients, spider mites damage as well as yield prediction, weed detection and leaf area index. I see the importance of combining spectral data with other data sources as a key element in better understanding the agricultural ecosystems and the interactions with its surroundings ecosystems.bighorn