John Couture

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Personal biography: I was born in Indianapolis, IN and raised in Kalamazoo, MI. I earned my BSc (Biology) at Western Michigan University. I received my MSc at Western Michigan University (Biological Sciences) with Dr. Stephen Malcolm focusing on plant chemical defense responses to specialist herbivores and trophic-level ecology in milkweed. I went on to gain my PhD (Entomology) at the University of Wisconsin with Dr. Richard Lindroth studying the effects of atmospheric change on plant-insect interactions and ecosystem ecology. Most of my free time is dedicated to enjoying camping, sports, gardening, and generally having a good time with my family.

Research Bio: My research focuses on how environmental variation influences chemically-mediated plant and insect ecological processes. I am specifically interested in understanding plant and insect responses to environmental change. Plants respond to environmental change and in turn influence trophic-level interactions that feedback to affect plant and herbivore growth, community structure, and ecosystem functioning. In addition, I am interested in advancing the utility of hyperspectral data to characterize plant chemical and metabolic profiles. I employ a combination of field-based measurements, manipulative experiments, remote sensing technology, statistical modeling, and interdisciplinary collaborations to test basic ecological theory, ultimately providing applied approaches to better understand and manage natural resources.



Biochemical Spectroscopy

Dimensions of Biodiversity

Remote Sensing Insects in Madison

Characterizing Insect Communities and Insect-mediated Ecosystem Processes in Aspen dominated Forests

Scaling hyperspectral imagery