Sean DuBois

Hometown: River Forest, ILdubois face

Research Description: Examining impacts of ozone and climate change on carbon cycling in California

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Biography: Born on the foothills of Chicago, after a brief stop in London to practice my English, I traveled to Ann Arbor in the pursuit of education. Initially motivated by Dr. Allen Grant, I prepared to become a paleontologist. Very quickly I fell out of love with creatures,DuBois copy replacing them with inanimate objects such as rocks as I decided I would study Geology. Eventually I softened up again, inviting living organisms back into my studies and I added the Program in the Environment major to my course load. With degree in hand, I headed to the Garden State to protect the environment under the supervision of the USEPA. After an enjoyable year and a half, I decided indentured servitude was necessary for my development, and I returned to America’s heartland to toil in the dungeons that is graduate school. After paying my dues, I plan to ply my trade at a federal environmental research agency. On nice days, I spend my time outside playing soccer, softball, or volleyball, and traversing mountains on skis and waterways by kayak. Otherwise I am catching up on which Stark was most recently beheaded, and other hit TV shows.

Research: My research interests include climate and the carbon cycle. My Master’s thesisFS4_Canopy2 copy combines ecosystem characterization using remote sensing and field data, and estimation of anthropogenic influences including ozone pollution and climate change. This work is related to my current position as a graduate research assistant on the project “Measurement of ecosystem metabolism across climatic and vegetation gradients in California for the 2013-2014 NASA AVIRIS/MASTER airborne campaign”.

Research project: HyspIRI flux tower project