Tedward Erker

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Born and raised in the mighty city of St. Louis, Missouri, I’m a native to the land of rivers, sweaty summers, brick houses, and sunday morning porch sitting.  I studied environmental studies at the Washington University in St. Louis.  My undergraduate interests were sustainable agriculture, which manifested as a year off of school working on farms around the country and a senior thesis investigating the practices of farmers selling at local farmers’ markets.  After graduation I stayed in St. Louis to teach high school biology and chemistry for two years as a Teach For America corps member.  In 2012 I moved north to Wisconsin where I worked as an arborist and a year later joined the Townsend Lab at UW Madison.  I enjoy being outside in all its facets–camping, biking, rock climbing, tree climbing, and sailing.
For my research I am broadly interested in the regional impact humans have on their environment, specifically, in using hyperspectral data to understand the interaction between cities and forests.  Urbanization–and its associated environmental impacts such Tedward_in_Hondurasas the urban heat island effect, increased rainfall and runoff, and increased nutrient inputs– is increasing across the globe.  Forests both within and near cities provide important ecosystem services for urban dwellers including carbon sequestration, air quality improvement, stormwater attenuation, and energy conservation.  Urban trees enhance the quality of human life in cities and is a strong personal motivation for my work.  I plan to investigate how forests’ capacity to provide ecosystem services might vary along an urban to rural gradient.


Urban Forest Ecosystems