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Bi-weekly Meetings

Where: Russell Labs, Rm. A228
When: Every other Thursday at 5:30 pm (check the calendar on the home page)

Come to our meetings and learn about all of the excellent opportunities we will be offering.  We will have many guest speakers from wildlife professions come in and talk about there research and work.  We also organize many special trips/events where we travel the state to explore wildlife areas and learn about the environment.  Some of our bigger events from year to year include: Devil’s Lake Trip, Northern Saw-whet Owl Banding, Prairie Chicken Census, International Crane Foundation Trip, Science Nights, Prairie Restorations, and our Highway clean-up.

If you can’t make meetings but are interested in signing up for any event listed below, contact our email ( and we will get you signed up.  By emailing us, we can also get you on our e-mail list so that you can keep up to date on the future wildlife meetings and events.

Events this Semester

In order to go on TWS events, you will need to pay semester dues of $10 to an officer.

All events depart from behind Russel Labs next to the parking ramp unless told otherwise.

Tentative Fall Semester Events!

  • Annual Game Dinner
  • Saw-whet Owl Banding
  • Deer Trapping
  • Aldo Leopold Shack Tour
  • Lakeshore Clean-up
  • Christmas Bird Count
  • Building Wood Duck Nest Boxes
  • Devil’s Lake Field Trip
  • Highway Clean-up
  • Pheasant Branch Brush Pile Burning
  • Prairie Seed Collecting
  • Disabled Hunt


Tentative Spring Semester Events!

  • Fur School
  • Great Wisconsin Birdathon
  • Herping Trip to Kettle Moraine State Forest
  • Salamander Night
  • Prairie Burn
  • Science Nights
  • Maple Tree Tapping
  • Midwest Crane Count
  • Trip to International Crane Foundation
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Necedah National Wildlife Refuge