Who is eligible to run for a student chapter office?

Any student chapter member who is also a member of the TWS.

*Note:  Membership in the student chapter and the society means you have paid your dues to the UW-Madison Student Chapter and to The Wildlife Society.

What are the responsibilities of student chapter officers?


1. Oversee general organization of the chapter

2. Run general chapter meetings

3. Write agenda (with the help of other officers)

4. Send emails:  general announcements, reminders of upcoming events, job announcements

5. Organize speakers and activities (with help from other officers)

6. Prepare budget with vice president, secretary, and treasurer

7. Submit annual activity report to TWS National Chapter

8. Represent the Student Chapter at meetings of the Wisconsin Chapter and the North Central Section when necessary

9. Appoint chairs for all committees

10. Act as ex-officio member of all committees

11. Keep faculty advisor informed of activities, needs, problems, etc.

12. Maintain files of chapter activities in conjunction with faculty advisor


1. Run meetings in absence of president

2. Assist with all of the President’s duties

3. Register the Society for UW Org Fair and lead the table

4. Organize all aspects of T-shirt sale

5. Prepare budget with president, secretary, and treasurer

6. Other duties as requested by the president


1. Take notes at general chapter meetings

2. Type notes into minutes which are posted on the chapter bulletin board, sent over email, and filed in chapter binder (kept in room 205)

3. Write annual reports for TWS National Chapter

4. Maintain all files and membership roster

5. Report election results to TWS National Chapter

6. Prepare budget with president, vice president, and treasurer


1. Keep records, file all bank statements, and balance check book

2. Monitor funds available in departmental accounts

3. Submit calendar year financial  statement to TWS National Chapter and faculty advisor in January of each year

4. Prepare budget with president, vice president, and secretary

5. Write checks as needed and approved


1. Maintain the Society’s webpage

2. Maintain the Society’s Facebook page and send event dates to members

3. Primarily keep the Undergraduate Reading Room (rm. 205) in order

4. Take pictures on TWS events and post them on the webpage

5. Create Posters for valid events and put them up


1. Attend CALS Student Council Meetings

2. Present relevant information from CALS Student Council Meetings at TWS meetings to club members

3. Assist Sentinels with their duties


1. Attend all Meetings

2. Create and lead an event for each semester

3. Keep the Undergraduate Reading Room (rm. 205) in order, keep track of office supplies, etc.

4. Make sure progress is being made within committees for the game dinner, T-shirt sale, film festival

5. Become a member of the National Chapter of Wildlife Society

6. Keep current with chapter special projects (i.e. Project Salamander and the Underwood Prairie Project)