Who is eligible to run for a student chapter office?

Any student chapter member who is also a member of the TWS.

*Note:  Membership in the student chapter and the society means you have paid your dues to the UW-Madison Student Chapter and to The Wildlife Society.

What are the responsibilities of student chapter officers?


  • Oversee general organization of the chapter
  • Run general chapter meetings
  • Write agenda (with the help of other officers)
  • Send emails:  general announcements, reminders of upcoming events, job announcements
  • Organize speakers and activities (with help from other officers)
  • Prepare budget with vice president, secretary, and treasurer
  • Submit annual activity report to TWS National Chapter
  • Represent the Student Chapter at meetings of the Wisconsin Chapter and the North Central Section when necessary
  • Appoint chairs for all committees
  • Act as ex-officio member of all committees
  • Keep faculty advisor informed of activities, needs, problems, etc.
  • Maintain files of chapter activities in conjunction with faculty advisor


  • Run meetings in absence of president
  • Assist with all of the President’s duties
  • Register the Society for UW Org Fair and lead the table
  • Organize all aspects of T-shirt sale
  • Prepare budget with president, secretary, and treasurer
  • Other duties as requested by the president


  • Take notes at general chapter meetings
  • Type notes into minutes which are posted on the chapter bulletin board, sent over email, and filed in chapter binder (kept in room 205)
  • Write annual reports for TWS National Chapter
  • Maintain all files and membership roster
  • Report election results to TWS National Chapter
  • Prepare budget with president, vice president, and treasurer


  • Keep records, file all bank statements, and balance check book
  • Monitor funds available in departmental accounts
  • Submit calendar year financial  statement to TWS National Chapter and faculty advisor in January of each year
  • Prepare budget with president, vice president, and secretary
  • Write checks as needed and approved

Outreach coordinator

  • Plan Science Night
  • Plan other events involving outreach for the Society


  • Attend all Meetings
  • Create and lead an event for each semester
  • Keep the Undergraduate Reading Room (rm. 205) in order, keep track of office supplies, etc.
  • Make sure progress is being made within committees for the game dinner, T-shirt and calendar sale
  • Become a member of the National Chapter of Wildlife Society
  • Keep current with chapter special projects