Brittany Peterson

M.S. Student


As a third generation Californian, I received my B.S. in wildlife management from Humboldt State University. After graduation, I was immediately hired onto a white-tailed deer research project in Wisconsin for its inaugural year. I thought one year of work in the snowy Midwest was all I would ever commit to, but more creative plans exist for me outside of my own. After taking a year working on other wildlife projects, I returned to Wisconsin to lead the deer project. This return then morphed into the Department of Natural Resources sponsoring my pursuit of a Masters, using research that I have been intimately connected with for three years. I could not be more delighted with how things have panned out! I will be working with UW professor Dr. Tim Van Deelen and DNR ungulate ecologist Dr. Dan Storm to evaluate what factors shape juvenile white-tailed deer dispersal in the northern and east central regions of Wisconsin and how they relate to deer management. Excited for this new adventure!


Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin – Madison