Dr. Shawn Crimmins

Postdoctoral Researcher

shawn crimmins buffulo 2


I am originally from Missouri, having spent my childhood living in various state parks throughout the state (my dad was a state park superintendent).  Spending so many hours in the woods during my formative years no doubt contributed to my chosen career path.  Since my time in Missouri, where I received my undergraduate degree, I have bounced around the country on various wildlife projects (Montana, Texas, Indiana, West Virginia…..) before landing in the great state of Wisconsin.

I have diverse research interests, but primarily I work in the field of wildlife ecology and conservation.  Although my previous work has involved a variety of species, my current work primarily revolves around gray wolves in Wisconsin.  Wolves are a fun species to work with for several reasons.  First, they have the capacity to affect nearly every other component of the ecosystem, so I find them very interesting from a purely scientific perspective.  Second, they are now considered a game species, so researching their populations can (and I would argue should) have very direct management and conservation consequences.  Lastly, everybody has an opinion about them!

Aside from work, which I do actually enjoy, I spend most of my time with my wife and my son exploring the great town of Madison and the upper midwest as a whole.  We’ve already spent many hours at the zoo (I’m molding my son into a future wildlife biologist!) and on the water.  I also enjoy playing basketball (provided everyone else is old and slow like me), watching hockey, partaking in craft beer, and sampling the best thing that Wisconsin has to offer….cheese!



Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin – Madison