First WIRC Sorting Open Cabinet a success!

Sunday’s first Wisconsin Insect Research Collection Coleoptera Sorting Open Cabinet was an unequivocal success! Nineteen attendees volunteered a considerable chunk of their time and expertise in an effort to reduce the number of unsorted Coleoptera specimens in the collection.

The calm before the (sorting) storm…Calmbefore

In the thick of it…Thickofit

Walt double-checking Dan’s identifications…Walt!
And…the results are in! Attendees pulled 6,963 individual beetles out of the unsorted material and sorted them into 221 separate unit trays. The sorted specimens represent 77 different families of beetles, including one new to the Research Collection—the weevil family Belidae! (Thank you Robert!)

The whole group!WholeCrew

Our sincere thanks goes to all BeetleBlast 2016 attendees:  Rachel Arango, Benjamin Bradford, Byron and Sharon Buchli, Patrick Dunn (not pictured), Jessie Ferraro, Walt Goodman, Marci HessKyle Johnson, Kerry Katovich, Nadine Kriska, PJ Liesch, Jordan Marché, Ann Marsh, Robert Otto, Mark Pynnonen, Keri Steiger, Dan Young (Director) and Craig Brabant (Curator).

A special additional thanks to Dan for providing the delicious food and refreshments!