Physical Plant

Research Collections

The entomological research collections at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are housed in the Department of Entomology, Russell Laboratories, 1630 Linden Drive. The collection is divided between two buildings: Russell Laboratories and the UW Stock Pavilion (aka ‘WIRC Annex’ or ‘WIRC West’.) In Russell Laboratories, the collection footprint is 830 sq. ft. out of a total of 1,141 sp. ft. of floor space in the north wing of the third floor. There is an additional small amount of storage space in the basement of the building. The WIRC was dedicated by the department as a collection facility in 1963 when the building opened. The third floor facility houses the office of the curator and a small library (i.e., the C.L. Fluke Reference Room). The reference room has 400 linear feet of shelf space and approximately 700,000 reprints. There are microscopes and space for five visiting researchers. Major holdings include Paraneoptera, Neuropterida, Hymenopterida, and Panorpida (minus Trichoptera and Lepidoptera).




In Fall, 2010, the WIRC expanded into an additional 1,841 sq. ft. of space in the newly remodeled and renovated third floor of the UW Stock Pavilion, 1675 Linden Drive. Archeognatha through Polyneoptera, Trichoptera and Lepidoptera, and the Hilsenhoff aquatic insect collection were transferred from the primary facility in Russell Labs to this additional space after it was reassigned to the WIRC.






Auto-Montage system



The office and laboratory of the Director of the WIRC can be found in the 445 Russell Labs
suite. An Auto-Montage digital imaging system and Honorary Fellow Research space is housed two small rooms in 149 Russell Labs. Off-season or long-term storage space is located at the UW West Madison Farms facility.







TeachingCollTeaching Collections

The entomological teaching collections are dedicated to the support of the instructional programs and courses in the Department of Entomology, with some additional support for departmental outreach programs. The teaching collections are housed in the teaching laboratories (Russell Labs 147 and 153) and comprise approximately 15 24-drawer cabinets.