Voucher Policy

The University of Wisconsin Insect Research Collection (IRC) accepts the deposition of voucher specimens by students and staff of the university. Voucher specimens may sometimes be accepted from individuals not affiliated with the Universityof Wisconsin with the approval of the Director and Academic Curator.


Procedure for the deposition of voucher specimens is as follows:


1. A submitted manuscript should indicate deposition of voucher specimens, typically in the Materials and Methods section with a statement such as the following. “Voucher specimens for this study have been deposited in the University of Wisconsin Insect Research Collection, Madison, WI.”

2. Either with submission of the manuscript or at the time of acceptance for publication, actual specimens should be deposited in the IRC as tentative voucher specimens. These should be prepared and labeled with full data by the author(s), unless the Academic Curator has specifically agreed to prepare the specimens. Twelve specimens, six of each sex, are recommended for each species. Where morphological variation suggests the need for deposition of a greater number of specimens for adequate representation, a suitable larger number can be agreed upon for acceptance. These specimens will be stored in a separate cabinet until publication of the manuscript.

3. Once the author(s) have provided the IRC with a reprint or copy of the publication citing the deposition of voucher specimens, the specimens will be formally become vouchers. The specimens will be labeled as voucher specimens with the author(s) and year of publication and incorporated into the main collection.